- Residential Care

For single people & couples who can no longer live at home and require assistance & companionship, we offer a comprehensive residential care package.

From your initial inquiry with us, we create a personalised care plan for you or your loved one, and

You are always welcome to sepnd a day at Abbey Village, with no obligation - and we encourage unanounced visits, so that you can see how we function on a day to day basis. Once a service user is a resident at Abbey Village, there are no fixed visiting times for family and friends. We even offer the option for you to ine with us, and enjoy one of the meals cookd by our resident chef.

Freedom of Choice

Service users are encouraged to:

  • Personalise their room to suit their preferences
  • Entertain visitors either in the lounge areas, or in the privacy of their own rooms
  • Provide feedback on our menus, with bi-annual consultation with all our residents
  • Invite friends & family to enjoy afternoon tea at Abbey Village